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Seize The Day ~ Don’t take it for granted


This is a last minutes trip. What lead to this insanity you ask?

~~ I have two daughters who are graduating ~ one from high school one from college. This has lead to me understanding that our family is really changing and that has lead to sadness. Another reason we decided to go ~ we lost someone close to us this past year. This person has not left my thoughts one day since she passed away.  It is a constant reminder that you never know what tomorrow brings so you better get out there and make every day count.  So we are doing what my financial adviser (haha if I had one) would tell me not to do. We will spend time as a family,  make memories to have forever, and then come home and sit on a worn couch.  

More to come but I have to go make plans now………….

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Happiest Place on Earth~~ Walt Disney World

Our Trip last year to Walt Disney World. It was early in the morning and we were in The Magic Kingdom before it opened for the day.


 This is just about my favorite place on earth~~ of course that is because it is…… The Happiest Place on Earth. If i am in a bad mood -talk Disney to me and it will pull me out every time. If you are planning your first trip or maybe did not love your last trip~ feel free to ask me anything. I love planning our trips and would love to help make your experience as great as ours  have been. The next best thing to planning your trip is helping someone else plan theirs. 

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Don’t just be normal~ Be Amazing

Let’s Be Amazing Together

Maya Angelou had it right. I spent the last~ many years of my life trying to be like everyone else.  You know what I thought was normal. I have decided to try the other route and be Amazing!  I think as moms our roles are so defined that we forget we can be individuals too.

We  encbe amazingourage our kids to go out there and make their mark but hold back ourselves. Mostly it is not even a  couscous decision but a habit of doing the things that need done. Today think about what makes you happy because I am pretty sure this will  lead us to this Amazing Self we are looking for.


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I find it amazing and terrifying how quickly my emotions change. Last Friday I published my first blog!! I was so excited and my adrenaline was rushing~ i felt like i could do anything.

 A day and a half later i was filled with dread. What was I doing? I had nothing left to say- what if no one related to what I was saying- who wanted to read about my experiences?  I let fear overcome me. When I started work today I told myself ~ it will be fine  (all the while shoving this sick feeling I was having deep deep inside). Everything I tried to learn went wrong. Then everything began to all mesh together so none of it made any sense at all. That’s okay. ( This is not what most of my brain is saying~~ it was screaming come on your wasting time)  But again I say that’s okay. I am learning something new. More importantly I am putting myself out there. Which if you know me~ is not something I want to do. I am the person who shy’s away from talking to new people. The person who just wants to be seen as a good person but not really seen. So today I have gotten nothing accomplished except I walked through the fear. Yes I feel sick to my stomach and yes i want to run away screaming but maybe  next time it wont be so bad.


Think about something you are afraid of. Tackling a project- people looking at you in a new  art, exercise, dance class or just being yourself. Take a small baby step with me. I promise the people who judge us the harshest is ourselves. Chances are the person beside you in that class is as afraid as you are. Come on ~ take a small chance ~ walk though the fear with me