First Thing I have learned…….

I have been a busy stay at home mom for 21 years.  I am  43 now. My greatest present ever was my iPhone from my husband for my birthday maybe 6 years ago. I love it and it can do practically anything for me. I realized when i began this journey how much i love and depend on it. I have not used a laptop since I got my phone and then iPad. When my daughter loaned me her old laptop so i could begin this endeaver i learned shockingly enough that a laptop does NOT put a period at the end of your sentence nor does it capitalize the beginning of a sentence or the letter i for you in the middle!! After some time yelling at it( the laptop) and my daughter shaking her head at me I figured i should explain why on my website my i’s are often messed up. None of us are perfect and i have decided i am okay with that!

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