Tips for a Perfectly Packed ~Disney Park Bag

Disney Park Bag Tips

Okay so this is a big deal! Especially if you plan on being in the parks all day.  You do spend a lot on a Disney World Vacation, so you want to make sure you are all set for the Happiest Place on Earth. This will be your lifeline to all your needs and wants (hopefully).  The List may seem long, and maybe YOU can omit a few things, but this is what we take into the parks with us on most days.  This post does include links to most of the items on the list. However, this is just for your convenience. I will say I am cheap and at the time ~ they were the best cost. So here is what a great Disney Park Bag contains. Printable version at the end of the page.

Disney Park Bag

The Disney Park Bag List!!

  • Park Bags ~ these can be anything you have at home. I prefer backpacks because they are easy. We also use drawstring bags. Depending on how many people you have ~ you may need more than one bag. We usually take 2  maybe 3 if we are in for a really long day ~for 8 of us.
    Disney Park Bags
    Our Disney Park Bags


  • Sunscreen ~ Must have! We use it before we head out for the day and take a bottle along for the park.
  • Your Magic Bands ~ or tickets. Magic Bands are newer and I love them. Doesn’t matter which you use, just so you have                                                                            them. 
  • Phone and Phone Charger ~ Places to charge your phone throughout the parks are hard to come by, so this charger is a great tool. There are so many amazing apps you can use to help you navigate the Disney World Parks. Here is a great List of  Apps and Websites to use before and during your trip.
  • Rehydrate-Pro Water Bottles ~ You Must Drink Lots of Water!! Water at Disney Parks is $3.00 a bottle and that can add up quickly.  I can not recommend these bottles enough. I bought them before our last trip and loved them. They kept the water cold all day. I also bought a carrier for one of the bottles (we take 2).  Not necessary but we liked it.
  • Ponchos ~ You can buy these at Disney World (like a lot of things) but will pay so much more. They are easy to carry around and cheap enough to throw away.  I have also found them at the Dollar Tree but sometimes they are unavailable. They have kids and adults on Amazon where I buy them in bulk.
  • misting fan ~ Disney Park BagMisting Fan ~ This is a nice way to cool off. These cost at least $25.00 at Disney Parks. I paid $9.00


  • Money or Credit Card ~ if you use a Magic Band you can hook your credit carhold your money Disney Park Bagd into that with no worries.  I usually like to carry a little money around with me.  I use this little pouch. It velcros right onto your bra or belt buckle. You can also put your ID in here.
  • Ziploc Bags ~ these are great for wet clothes, phones, and to keep the sunscreen.
  • Medicine Bag ~ I found these great clear bags on Amazon.bag Disney Park Bag When you go through bag checks – the easier they can see things the quicker you will go through. I include my sons asthma inhaler, pain medicine, band aids, antibiotic cream,  and allergy pills. Whatever your family needs throughout the day.
  • I use another one of these for deodorant, make-up, and chap stick.
  • Hand Sanitizer ~I get the one you can clip on to the backpack
  • Autograph Book and Pen
  • Pins if you trade them
  • Tissues
  • Deck of Cards ~ Or bubbles depending on your children’s ages. There is a lot of time waiting for Parades. They help pass the time. 
  • Hats ~ or sunglasses or both. Don’t forget them on the rides! Maybe pack extra in case.  
  • Glow Toys ~ These are great for nighttime. I get mine at the Dollar Store. FOR A DOLLAR!
  • Pennies and quarters for the penny press machines. Theses are great cheap souvenirs, that my son loves to collect.
  • Moleskin~ I know, I had never heard of it either. You use it like a band-aid for sore feet ~ but it works way better. Grab some kids scissors too.

moleskin Disney Park Bag

  • Cooling Towel ~ not most important unless you really hate the heat. Then it comes in very handy.
  • Last but not least ~SNACKS 

If you are traveling with young kids, you might want to take a change of clothes. I never did, but I have heard stories where I can see the use. I know this seems like a lot. You can get pain medication and basic first-aid care at stations in the park. My thought is you just never know how close you will be to them when you need it and do you want to take the time to run there. I pack our Disney Park Bags up before we leave then we are all set when we get there. Happy packing everyone!

  Just click on the link below for a printable version!!

~~packing list

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